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Spinning tales of myth and legend


our fabel.

Created to bring commercial premium content to audiences worldwide, Fabel Entertainment focuses on character-first programming that crosses genres, platforms and cultures. Fabel will continue the legacy of its former success while expanding its slate into one that further supports diverse genres, first-time creators, original works, IP adaptation and international productions - all in a premium space.


Fabel has produced a number of projects including BURN NOTICE for USA, THE KILLING for

AMC, THE COMEDIANS for FX, INTERROGATION for CBS All Access, and BOSCH for Amazon–the

streamer’s longest running original series. Most recently, Fabel launched spinoff series BOSCH: LEGACY on FreeVee with a second season dropping later this year and two additional Connelly Universe spinoffs in development. Our robust slate includes a series based on the life and published works of world famous neurologist, OLIVER SACKS, Chuck Palahniuk’s INVISIBLE MONSTERS, and Nick Cutter's THE DEEP.


our fam.

Our team is small but mighty!

Henrik Bastin

As CEO under Fabrik Entertainment and now continuing his legacy under Fabel, Henrik has executive produced several series including Bosch (Amazon), American Odyssey (NBC), The Comedians (FX) and 100 Code (HBO Nordic). Past credits also include My Generation (ABC), Breakshot (FOX) and Sunny Side (ABC).

Prior to immigrating to the US, Henrik founded STO-CPH, one of Sweden’s most acclaimed television production companies which earned several Kristallen Awards (Swedish Emmy Award) to its name. In 2007, Bastin sold STO-CPH to The Metronome Group and remained as CEO and Creative Director until 2010.

Melissa Aouate

Melissa Aouate transitioned as a Partner and President of Fabrik entertainment to continue the legacy under the new Fabel banner, she extends her work in defining and executing the company’s creative vision across both development and production. 

Before Fabel, Melissa was a literary agent for ICM Partners representing television writers, novelists, and personalities. She was an executive for Robert Zemeckis' ImageMovers working on feature films including Flight starring Denzel Washington, Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman, the motion capture features Polar Express and Beowulf, and the Emmy Award-winning original series The Borgias.

Jasmine Russ

From small town Australia, Jasmine grew up watching the great classic movies with her dad before escaping to the "big city" of Brisbane where she began her career in casting. She immigrated to the US in 2014 to continue her work in the field.

In 2018 she made the move to development under the Fabrik banner, since then rising to become VP of Production and Development at Fabel. Here, she specializes in straddling creative and  boots-on-the-ground  producing for her eclectic slate. Jasmine is on the board of WWFC and is passionate about mentorship both within and outside of Fabel. 

Christian Alvarez

A first generation Peruvian-American born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley, Christian grew up watching sitcoms, stand-up comedy, and anime fansubs, reading comic books, and playing Magic: The Gathering. 

He then travelled far beyond the borders of Los Angeles County to attend Pomona College in Claremont, California, majoring in American Studies with a focus on History and Media Studies. Before joining Fabel, Christian began his career at Circle of Confusion and later worked at Midnight Radio. As Director of Development at Fabel, he just wants to make great TV.

Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 2.52_edited.jpg
Jesse Gumbiner

Jesse grew up in the Bay Area before heading to Rhode Island to attend Brown University, graduating in 2015. He spent time traveling the world before moving to LA in 2018 to pursue a career in television writing. After several years of working in writers' rooms, he decided to make the shift into development, where he now operates as the development coordinator and assistant to the President.


A self-described nerd, Jesse has a passion for a variety of stories, ranging from fantasy and sci-fi to grounded dramas and absurdist comedies. He enjoys bringing a writer's perspective to producing and gravitates towards premium content and character-forward storytelling.

Yazmine Ocampo

Originally from the Bay Area, Yazmine made the 6 hour drive out to Los Angeles when she began attending LMU in 2018. She graduated in 2022 with a BA in Communication Studies and a double-minor in Public Relations and Theatre Arts. Starting her senior year, she held internships at various production companies, including Fabel, kickstarting her journey in development and production. 


Yazmine grew up watching old sitcoms with her dad which prompted her hopes of producing and creating content that brings people together. She is now the assistant of Henrik Bastin, CEO of Fabel Entertainment.



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